Job Vacancy

Exciting Career Opportunity

Kiwitech’s range of equipment and grazing systems have all been developed and pioneered on Burleigh Farm, 3 Km north of Bulls on State Highway 1, NZ. Burleigh continues to be the “research and development lab” for Kiwitech and currently some very exciting new technologies are under development in the fields of grazing management, irrigation and animal handling. Burleigh is also the venue for TechnoGrazing courses and frequently employs graduate interns who have a special interest in our grazing systems.

The role on offer is that of Farm-Manager/R&D assistant/Tutor person. Essentially, we are looking for someone who can make a real contribution to: product/process development and testing; day-to-day farm management; training of interns and course participants; and presenting our ideas to farm visitors such as discussion and student groups, potential offshore customers, etc.

All of these roles overlap with those of Harry Wier, the inventor of all of Kiwitech’s products and systems. In that sense, there is scope for the successful applicant to specialise in areas of personal strength and interest. So, it is not essential to wear all the hats listed above and others could possibly be added to the list.

Capabilities and qualities relevant to the role are:

  • Strong background in practical farming.
  • Very strong interest in advanced grazing.
  • Significant education in science and/or engineering.
  • Strong interest in animal handling, good animal-sense and good physical coordination. Burleigh uses its own soft-handling approach with many unconventional tools and techniques; most animal treatments are performed in mobile yards that can be set up in under 5 minutes.
  • Open mind to unconventional ideas.
  • Areas of skill that could be a bonus are:
    • Practical engineering
    • Software/IT
    • Electronics
    • Video production
    • Pasture Agronomy
    • Training/marketing presentation